A Russian Journal by John Steinbeck, photography by Robert Capa

When I saw this book in Waterstones I just had to buy it right away! I lived in Russia for two years, one at university and one right after when I worked as an English teacher, and I'm always interested in reading other people's perspectives on this country! I'm hoping to find myself nodding along… Continue reading A Russian Journal by John Steinbeck, photography by Robert Capa


2019 February Review and March Goals

February has not been a great month for reaching goals and I'm not really sure why. However, March is a new month, so let's celebrate a few February successes and move on! My first goal was to read two classics and I managed one. However, that one was A Tale of Two Cities by Charles… Continue reading 2019 February Review and March Goals

A Reading Day!

I haven't done very well with my reading this half-term break, so I've decided to stage a small intervention for myself! Today, Thursday 21st February, I'm running my own mini readathon! My aim is to finish A Tale of Two Cities and get 100 pages into my next read, although at this stage I haven't… Continue reading A Reading Day!

2019 Weekly Review #4

So it's time for my first review of February's goals! It hasn't been a great week as I've had a lot of late night's at school, but some things have gone well! 1) Read two classics - I was hoping to finish A Tale of Two Cities this week but I only made it about… Continue reading 2019 Weekly Review #4

January Review and February Goals 2019

I'm very happy to report that I met all of my goals for this month, even if I had to revise a few of them! 1) read one classic - complete: I read The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford and gave it 4/5 stars! 2) read one non-fiction book - complete: I read Sapiens… Continue reading January Review and February Goals 2019

2019 Weekly Review #3

This week hasn't been a great one. Monday got off to really bad start and I struggled to pick it up from there...  It all started when I came home on Monday and the electricity meter had run out. I topped it up and then sat in the dark for another half an hour before… Continue reading 2019 Weekly Review #3

2019 Weekly Review #2

This week has definitely been successful, I've made progress on all of my goals and squeezed in a few other 30 before 30 challenges as well!  So far I've completed 2 of my goals for January: read one classic and bake one showstopper! You can find my review of Nancy Mitford's The Pursuit of Love… Continue reading 2019 Weekly Review #2

2019 Weekly Review #1

In my last post I set out 5 simple goals for the month of January, that I wanted to achieve in order to kick start some of my 30 before 30 challenges. I'm not sure if the best way to document them is through a longish weekly review, or shorter checkpoints during the week, and… Continue reading 2019 Weekly Review #1

To Do in January

In previous attempts at doing regular monthly features I have often gone for a monthly favourites, wrap up or TBR post. However, I've never managed to successfully maintain any sort of regularity. But, if I want to hit my 30 before 30 targets, then some serious organisation is necessary. For example, if I want to… Continue reading To Do in January